What We Do

At the Richfield Historical Society, our mission is to acquire, document, preserve and share the details of our past. But, how do we accomplish this throughout the year? RHS has created many partnerships within the Richfield community in hopes to spread the importance of local history. Here are a few of the projects that we are continuously working on:

  • Legion Magazine, 1919. Found during the Legion Inventory Project

American Legion Project: Throughout 2017-2018, RHS has partnered with The American Legion to inventory and preserve Legion history. We have inventoried their collection and are continuing to gather information about the organization. In the summer of 2022, RHS made an agreement with the Legion Post No. 435 to store and caretake their artifacts while their new building is being constructed. Soon to be named Veteran’s Village, it is expected to be completed in approximately 2025.

Augsburg Park Display: The Richfield Historical Society is proud to help the Augsburg Park Library fill their Bulletin Board display case by the Front Entrance. We switch this case, four times a year with fun Richfield History and facts!

Richfield Municipal Center Display Case: At the Richfield City Hall, our staff and volunteers put together a biannual display case, filled with historical articles, photos, and information.

Community Center Programs: Since 2018, RHS has partnered with the Richfield Community Center to bring Richfield’s history out to the community. This program is hosted monthly and is free to attend. To find more information please, check out our Events page or the Community Center’s website.

Providing photos for Richfield businesses and residential complexes: In the RHS collection are hundreds of photographs displaying Richfield’s past. One way to display these photos is by exhibits at our History Center, however, we also share them with Richfield businesses, such as Richfield Bloomington Honda, and apartment complexes, like Lake Shore Drive. If you are interested in seeing our wonderful photo collection, please stop by our History Center!