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Upcoming Programs at the History Center: To make it easier to find out what’s happening we will put our upcoming activities here, upfront – check back often and don’t forget to check our Upcoming Events Calendar under the Program and Events menu selection

It’s a New Year, we are posting a weekly video of interest. It can be found here, on Facebook, our YouTube channel at Richfield Historical Society, Twitter and eventually on Instagram. The 4 video series are:

  1. From Our Collection with Marisa
  2. In The Garden with Abby
  3. Meet a Volunteer
  4. Upcoming Events with Director Doug
  5. In months that have 5 Saturdays, we will do updates on fundraising for the Rehabilitation of the Bartholomew House. Here is the first video:

The First Video in the “From the Collection with Marisa” series can be found on YouTube at:

The first in the series “In the Garden with Abby” can be found here, on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter:

The first in the series “Meet a Volunteer” can be found here, on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter:

We at the Richfield Historical Society work to acquire, document, and preserve the unique story of Richfield, Minnesota. In addition, our mission is to inspire a sense of place and history through the details of our past.

Richfield has been an example of Minnesota growth, from the fur trade, through agricultural growth, Riley Bartholomew becoming a member of the commission that wrote the Minnesota State Constitution, and then serving in the second state legislature, through being a township, village, and finally a growing suburb!  From being part of Fort Snelling, keeping whites out of Indigenous people’s lands to being home to the first mall in America, Richfield has been a leader.  The Richfield Historical Society houses that entire story!

We are a registered 501(c)(3) organization so your contributions to our non-profit organization are tax-exempt. We will be sending the newsletter, email, Facebook, and other reminders during the month of November.  Please keep us in your giving plans!!

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