Annual Meeting, March 25

The annual meeting of Richfield Historical Society is right around the corner. We will gather our members for dinner, conversation, learning, and business at 6:00PM on Saturday, March 25 at Gramercy Park Cooperative. During the meeting we will elect our board* and hear John Bjostad tell us about new discoveries related to the historic Bartholomew House.

Please register by calling the society at 612-798-6140 (leave a message with your name, dinner preference**, and contact info) or just use the handy online form.

The cost is $25 per person, payable at the door by cash, check, or credit card.

We hope to see you there!

*Richfield Historical Society slate of board candidates
Continuing their terms:
–Laura Briggs
–Ariel Keeton
–David Larson
–John Lindley
Up for re-election:
–John Bjostad
–David Butler
–David Melcher
–John Wickett
Recommended for new election:
–Hae Kyung
–Patty Huss
Retiring from the board:
–Bob Glancy
–Matt Esler
–Marlene Evenson

**Dinner options:
1) Chicken and gravy
2) Yankee pot roast (beef stew)
3) Special dietary need (provide details when you call)

Gramercy Park Cooperative on Lake Shore Drive
6711 Lake Shore Drive
Richfield, MN 55423

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Historical Society Updates Its Mission

In its meeting on February 20, 2017 the Richfield Historical Society updated its mission and vision statements. These two declarations will guide the society’s efforts in the upcoming years.

Mission Statement

The Richfield Historical Society’s mission is: to acquire, document and preserve the unique story of Richfield, Minnesota. In addition, our mission is to inspire a sense of place and history through the details of our past.


Vision Statement 2017

Our Vision for the Society is to:

  • Continuously collect the stories of Richfield residents, business and events as our present will someday be our history.
  • To make our archives and collections fully available to the public and fellow museums.
  • To develop programs that will educate and enrich children and adults alike. These programs will encompass historical events and people that have been important in the life of the people of Richfield and the State of Minnesota.
  • To provide our visitors information on current businesses, hotels and restaurants in hopes that they will have a positive experience in Richfield, Minnesota.
  • To create a volunteer program to provide opportunities for the community to help in the preservation of our shared history.
  • To create a financial plan to sustain the operation of the History Center and Bartholomew House
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This Old (Bartholomew) House, Part III

Tuesday, January 10
7PM – 8:30PM

We’ve been sharing the history of Richfield’s famous Bartholomew House in a discussion series that we have called, “This Old (Bartholomew) House.” Now in the third installment, we will look at how Riley Bartholomew became an integral part of the Richfield community. Using the house as a focal point, John Bjostad will walk you through Richfield’s early settlement.

6901 Lyndale Ave S
Richfield, MN 55423

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Richfield Video Re-Released

Back in 2006 we worked with the Best Buy Foundation to create a video of Richfield’s history. We ended up creating an award-winning DVD called Richfield Home that we sold in our gift shop. Well, long story short, the laptop that contained our master copy of the video was stolen and the video went “out of print” for several years. We recently recovered files from a back up drive and lo and behold we discovered the lost video! We’ve burned some new DVDs and they are once again available for purchase if you want to have your own copy. In the meantime, we’ve posted the movie to our Videos page and to our YouTube channel. The preview is below. Enjoy!

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