RHS Annual Meeting

Rich Williams

The Richfield Historical Society’s annual meeting was held on Saturday, March 29. It featured the theme: Richfield Before Richfield. That is, our keynote speaker told us about the history of the area long before there was a Richfield settlement.

Meeting Keynote
Presenter: Richard Williams
Program Description: It was the promise of a rich trade in furs that brought the first Frenchmen to Minnesota over three and a half centuries ago. Over time, the English and later the Americans would follow in their wake, each clamoring for control of what was once North America’s most profitable export.

Using authentic period costume and hands-on materials to help bring the story to life, Rich Williams—one of the state’s foremost authorities on the fur trade—presented an overview of this epic story at the center of Minnesota’s early Euro-American history.

During the meeting portion of the evening we welcomed three new board members to the society, Mary Barnes, Herbert Perry, and Bob Glancy.

Over fifty people joined us at Gramercy Park


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