Quicksteps Play at History Center

Saturday, July 26
Lyndale Field, behind the Bartholomew House

Quicksteps at bat

We were excited to welcome back the Quicksteps of the Vintage Base Ball Association. Clad in 1860-style uniforms and using authentic reproductions of 1860 equipment, the Quicksteps have played over 160 matches in 17 seasons in five states. The Quicksteps faced off with a Richfield team that featured board members of the Richfield Historical Society, Civil War reenactors, members of a few local softball clubs, and some unaffiliated Richfield residents. The teams enjoyed perfect summer weather and played a competitive game. A late-inning flurry from the Richfield team vaulted them to an 11-4 victory over the visiting Quicksteps.

The Richfield Nine (or Ten)


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