Ever Wonder What To Do In An Air Raid?

Headline from the August 1941 Richfield News

In the wake of the attack on Pearl Harbor and the American entrance into WWII, another air attack on American soil was a real fear. Air Raid Wardens were appointed on the Homefront and citizens were educated on how to properly respond in the event of an attack. An article from the August 1941 Richfield News gives people the information they need to know in order to stay safe.

1. Stay Cool – The article warns Richfield residents to stay calm, don’t panic, and until they hear warning sirens, to act as if nothing out of the ordinary was happening.

2. Stay Home – “The safest place in an air raid is at home” Officials suggest using a garden hose or fire extinguisher to put out incendiary bombs.

3. Put Out Lights – Don’t give the enemy a target!

4. Lie Down – Avoid the blast beneath a table or mattress. Stay there until you hear the “all clear” alarm.

5. Stay Away From Windows – “Do not be a wise guy” and stay away from possible sources of shrapnel.

6. You Can Help – Check in at your local Civilian Defense Volunteer Office to learn how you can help on the Homefront.

Whether or not these tips would have been helpful in an actual air raid, they gave people the sense of security and agency they needed in those unsure times.

Come learn more about Minnesota on the Homefront and look through the Richfield News from 1941-1944 at the Richfield History Center on Wednesdays and Saturdays 12-4 or by arrangement.

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