Richfield Historical Society is currently developing new educational programs. While these exciting new lesson plans are in development, we welcome school groups to visit our history center and museum for a site visit.

Site Visit
Our basic group experience, this field combines a tour of the Bartholomew House with small group activities in the History Center. Your students will first get a guided tour of Richfield’s oldest house (turning 150 in 2012!). Site Visits are free (donations are always welcome). Call or email us to arrange a time to visit.

Touring the Bartholomew House varies according to age. A tour with younger children focuses on identifying familiar objects, observing objects to guess their use, and asking questions about things they can’t figure out. A tour with older elementary students focuses on the basic history of the house and the eras of local and state history related to it with special attention on the roles of boys and girls their age in a household of the past. ELL/ESL tours are given a very clear basic outline of the house’s history to leave plenty of room for forming and asking questions about the house and the things inside of it.

After the 20-30 minute tour, younger students spend time exploring the main gallery exhibit with an activity that lets them be a part of the exhibit. Older elementary students can be divided into four groups to become history detectives at each of four stations. Whether investigating that main exhibit, sleuthing through city directories or yearbooks, or investigating aerial photos, they get to use critical thinking to answer and discuss key questions while exploring the past.

Have a lesson you want remembered? Tours and activities are easily customized. One area teacher used a tour of the Bartholomew House to teach Venn diagrams! Students had a great time identifying which items were things that they could find in their house, ones that they would only see in the Bartholomew House, and thinking up things that were only in their house. If you have an idea you think could be part of your site visit, let us know! Contact our volunteers using staff@richfieldhistory. org or 612-798-6140.

“I never knew going to a museum could be this fun. This isn’t a big museum that you can get lost in!” ~4th Grader at Richfield’s STEM School.

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