Snippets of Richfield History on Youtube!

History is all around us and happening everyday. To refresh our memories and learn about the past, we bring a series of short videos about Richfield History to you.

Jon Wickett introduces the Richfield Historical Society to the community in the video below. He is an enthusiastic amateur historian and board member of our Historical Society and will be writing and narrating the series. Join us as we venture into history!

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Challenging an Airport

One richfield family waged a final but determined campaign in a long-running Minneapolis-Richfield contest – the takeover of Richfield land by Minneapolis business leaders to create Wold-Chamberlain Airport, later Minneapolis-St. Paul International.

Purists might argue that Gus and Lottie Hohag’s last stand was really against the Metropolitan Airports Commission. but to Richfield citizens with long memories, the Hohags were standing up against the power of Minneapolis.

Gus and Lottie, who farmed on 70th Street and 34th Avenue South, dealt with airport issues for much foe their adult lives. Gus purchased the site of the bankrupt Twin Cities Auto Speedway during a 1917 sheriff’s sale. He held it until November 1918, when Minneapolis business interests bought the land for $56,300.

The Hohags continued to hold onto their farm as the airport grew toward them. In 1949 the Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC) wanted their property, but they refused to move. MAC suggested a compromise. “They said my wife and I could stay here until we died, ” chuckled Gus in 1960, “Well we’re still going strong, both of us are 85 and staring right back at the planes.” Gus died in 1961. Lottie died nine years later at the age of 92 in 1970.

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Give to the Max Day

This Thursday—November 13—is Give to the Max Day, a day set aside in Minnesota to reaffirm the community benefits of charitable giving. And thanks to the Bush Foundation and others, organizations like ours that receive donations on Thursday are eligible for additional “Golden Ticket” funds. We urge you to consider using this special day to remember the Richfield Historical Society with a gift.

Why wait for November 13? You can use the form below right now and submit your donation. Your gift will automatically be submitted on Thursday to take advantage of our opportunity to earn even more.

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Mix tape

From our Teenage Richfield exhibition, we collected your answers for songs that represent your youth. What would have been on your mixtape?
Paul Simon
Boston – More Than a Feeling
Cheap Trick – Surrender
Beatles – Sgt. Pepper
Teach the world to sing
Tom Jones – She’s a Lady
Bee Gees
Johnny Cash Get Rhythm
Fall out boy
Swing Sway with Sammy Kaye
Guy Bombardo
Bing Crosby
Eddie and the Cruisers
Alice Cooper – Poison
Salt-N-Pepper – Shoop
Green Day – Nirvana
Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Maybe
John Cougar
Van Halen
Def Leppard
Duran Duran
Go Go’s
Huey Lewis
Rick Springfield
Billy Idol
Bon Jovi
Bryan Adams
2 Little Fishes (1943)

For the popular response:

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